Exceptions are always good to prove the rule. For this to work the rule, of course, has to be lax enough to allow exceptions ?

Why Edit Received Emails –

  • Take messages you get, for instance. More often than not, you would prefer not to alter them at any expense.
  • You need them to be sheltered, secure and supported up.
  • In any case, if email is a thesaurus of information and a portion of that information changes, the messages may need to change, as well.
  • You can advance the first message to yourself with an addendum or essentially answer to add another information point to the string.
  • For the most part, this is the perfect arrangement. In any case, there are, you gotten it, special cases.
  • For certain information — usernames, for instance — it can bode well just to alter the first message.
  • In Mozilla Thunderbird, this is shockingly simple.
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Alter Received Email Messages in Mozilla Thunderbird Using “Drafts”-

To alter a message you have gotten in Mozilla Thunderbird:-

1. Duplicate the message from its present area to the Drafts envelope under Local Folders.

2. Open that Drafts organizer.

3. Double tap the ideal message in the Drafts organizer.

4. Do all the altering essential.

5. Altering the draft as such puts your email address rather than the first senders in the From: line.

  • You can add a Reply-To: header by tapping on a void address field and choosing Reply-To: starting from the drop menu.
  • At that point put the first sender in the Reply-To: field.

6. Snap the Save catch.

7. Move the message back to the area of the first duplicate.

Alter Received Email Messages in Mozilla Thunderbird by Editing the Source –

To alter any message unreservedly in Mozilla Thunderbird: –

1. Ensure Mozilla Thunderbird isn’t running.

2. Go to your Mozilla Thunderbird profile registry.

3. Delve down into the Mail or ImapMail and afterward the ideal record’s organizer or the general Local Folders index.

4. Open the augmentation less document comparing to the Mozilla Thunderbird organizer in which the message you need to alter is situated in a plain content manager, for example, Notepad or on the other hand TextEdit.

5. You may need to open further “.sbd” catalogs to achieve sub-envelopes.

6. Ensure you don’t open the indistinguishably named record with a “.msf” augmentation.

7. Quest for the message you need to alter and roll out the ideal improvements.

8. Close the content tool sparing the document.

9. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

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