How to Modify Keyboard Settings on Google Chromebooks ?

  • The design of a Chromebook console is like that of a Windows workstation, with some eminent exemptions, for example, a Search key instead of Caps Lock just as the exclusion of capacity keys over the top.
  • The basic settings behind the Chrome OS console can be changed exactly as you would prefer in various ways, including empowering the previously mentioned capacities, just as doling out custom practices to a portion of the strength keys.

Alter Your Keyboard –

  • In the event that your Chrome program is as of now open, click on the Chrome menu catch – spoken to by three flat lines and situated in the upper right-hand corner of your program window.
  • At the point when the drop- down menu shows up, click on Settings.
  • In the event that your Chrome program isn’t as of now open, the Settings interface can likewise be gotten to by means of Chrome’s taskbar menu, situated in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Chrome’s Settings interface should now be shown.
  • Find the Device segment and select the catch named Keyboard settings.

Alt, Ctrl, and Search –

  • Chrome OS’s Keyboard settings window should now be shown.
  • The primary area contains three choices, each joined by a drop-down menu, marked Search, Ctrl, and Alt.
  • These alternatives direct the activity attached to each of these keys.
  • As a matter of course, each key is allocated the activity of its namesake.
  • You can change this conduct to any of the accompanying activities:-

Search: Search, Ctrl, Alt, Disabled, Caps Lock, Escape

Ctrl: Search, Ctrl, Alt, Disabled, Escape

Alt: Search, Ctrl, Alt, Disabled, Escape

  • The usefulness sets doled out to every one of these three keys are tradable.
  • Also, Chrome OS offers the capacity to debilitate at least one of the three just as arrange each as a optional Escape key. In conclusion, the Search key can be redesignated as Caps Lock.

Top Row Keys –

  • On numerous consoles, the top line of keys is held for the capacity keys. On a Chromebook, these keys locally fill in as easy route keys for various activities, for example,raising and bringing down volume and invigorating the dynamic Web page.
  • These alternate route keys can be reassigned to go about as conventional capacity keys by putting a checkmark by the Treat top-push keys as capacity keys choice, situated in the Keyboard settings window.
  • While capacity keys are empowered, you can flip among alternate route and capacity conduct by holding down the Search key, as point by point legitimately beneath this choice.

Auto Repeat –

  • Empowered as a matter of course, the auto-rehash usefulness trains your Chromebook to rehash the key that is held down various occasions until you let go.
  • This is standard for most consoles yet can be incapacitated by tapping on the Enable auto-rehash alternative – found on the Keyboard settings window – and expelling its going with check mark.
  • The sliders found legitimately beneath this alternative enable you to determine to what extent the postponement is before rehashing each key press when held down, just as the recurrent rate itself .

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