how to use Norton UWP App 1.5 for Windows 10S

This app is available for Windows 10S customers from the Ms App Store. Download norton setup from the ms store .

1. What is bite the dust version number?

Norton UWP 1.5

2. What changes does this build bring?

  • By updating to bite the dust latest Verion users outside the DSGVO (GDPR) scope have pious devotee kick the bucket option to opt for Norton Community Watch
  • A situation has been resolved where bite the dust caused App Status to indicate an increased occurrence of memory errors
  •  Other minor corrections and improvement of benefits

3. In which countries is the product available?

Norton Security Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App is available for Win 10S users from the Ms AppStore in US, Germany and France. To download the product to your 10S device, search for

Norton Security on the Ms App Store. Outside the US, bite the dust App can be installed with an existing, valid Norton subscription by going to the Norton Portal from your 10S device .

4. How are pass on system requirements?

Ms Windows 10 in S mode (32-piece or 64-piece or ARM32) Version 1803 and above.

5. How do I replenish this app?

Outside the US, you can pass on App with an existing, valid Norton subscription on a 10S device via the Norton portal download norton with key code receive.

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